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Exactly Where is Salt Creek?

We're now in Melbourne and guess what? Right it's raining and seriously cold!
However,yesterday it was a very pleasant 22 degrees with a strong wind and blue, blue skies.
We spent the best part of three days travelling from Adelaide towards Melbourne and at lunchtime we discovered Salt Creek! Not many people visit the tin shack store and cafe, straight out of a 1950's movie, somewhere in the West!

That night we stayed in Mount Gambier in a 'Comfort Inn' and had dinner with a coach party of other 'seniors' which was somewhat entertaining. Mount Gambier's claim to fame is a rather fascinating lake within the cone of an extinct volcano. In the spring the water starts to change colour and is a wonderful Cobalt Blue. We managed a brisk walk around it before we set out on the next stage of our trek.

Wow, what a big country and as we've said before, such contrasts. Our next stage of the journey was to Port Campbell via the town of Portland. We just had to visit as The Underground Man (still on tour and available for booking), featured the good Duke of that name. And the sun shone all day. The route took us past vast fields full of sheep and cattle, massive forests planted with what looked like pines, scrub and 'bush' land still tainted by the effects of forest fires and above all the beautiful sea. Sometimes quite tranquil with just a hint of white horses, but when we arrived at Port Campbell what seemed to us giant rollers crashing onto the rocks. And the most beautiful sunset.

Next morning saw us up early to visit the 'Twelve Apostles' a somewhat reduced group of off-shore sandstone rock stacks just out to sea. Erosion has done its work and now there just seem to be only nine, but they were quite spectacular in the early morning sun and very sharp wind. So to Melbourne along The Great Ocean Road. Another journey of contrasts passing through more tropical forests, isolated farms and houses, small coastal resorts and twisting, turning, falling and rising seaside highway, to be negotiated very carefully because of other traffic, land slips and road repairs from the last floods which actually closed the route. Then an arrival in Melbourne along a five lane highway taking us to a hotel with glorious views of an inner city park, just right for a morning run.

Today we negotiated the city tram service (very cheap and comprehensive), guess what it rained (no it poured) and tonight we go to the Melbourne Playhouse to see 887 by Canadien actor/director/writer Robert Lepage. Although looking out of the window of our room we may have to swim or build a boat! Watch this space.

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Just like home!

Learning the lingo as well.

We left Sidney on Saturday after spending a busy week with Julie and Ian. The sun shone and we enjoyed the warmth and fresh air. We visited the Blue Mountains, spectacular, tasted wines ( what a surprise) and went whale and dolphin watching at Nelson's Bay. Then a very easy flight to Adelaide. We like Australian airports, no queues, no hassle, everyone is jolly and smiling.
Adelaide was bathed in sunshine, then Someone thought we might be homesick, so they switched the sun off and let it rain, it was cold as well. Just like home, Tomorrow we set off by car along the Great Ocean Rd. towards Melbourne.
We are learning the lingo and becoming good Aussies, going for brekky, buying stamps at the postie and naturally having the odd tinny, Actually I'm sampling the winey. Very nice too.
The Australian people are extremely jolly and always upbeat, how do they do it?

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In the Footsteps of Captain Cook

It's now day two of our stay in Australia with Julie and Ian. They live in Caringbah a suburb south of Sydney. More significantly only a few minutes away from Botany Bay, the location of the first recorded footfall of Europeans in Australia. There are a number of memorials and descriptions of the event, some two years after the good ship Endeavour sailed from UK. The bravery and perseverance of those long dead explorers was exemplified today when we visited Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, some two hours away from Sydney. How did the early explorers make their way through the 'bush'? How did they find a way through the mountains with their sheer drops of many, many feet? How did the following settlers clear the land, dig the soil, divert the rivers to bring water and transform the wilderness?
On a more prosaic note, I ( Penny) had the immense pleasure of feeding a cockatoo by hand and watched three whales leaping and turning in the waves, magnificent!

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And the Rain it Raineth Every Day!

What an exciting couple of days culminating last evening with a rescue (by Butcher's Bike) from the flooded driveway of the restaurant we visited, a place called 'Steve's' since you ask, and why is it called that? Good question.

We've now used river and canal transport to travel to different parts of the city which has been slightly scary and not a little smelly! Still no need to use a Tuk Tuk. Yesterday we started our day with a temple visit just around the corner from our hotel. Fascinating juxtaposition of opulence in the temple, with desparate poverty right next door. Found again when we visited The Golden Mountain today which was notable because of the panoramic views of the city.

Also explored yesterday was Robinsons store (think Harrods), for over three hours whilst it rained and rained and rained, hence the flooded riverside.

Today visited the Arts & Cultural centre to see a collection of photographs from ninteenth century Siam, fascinating particularly the patronising copy on some picture photographs from European visitors. Followed by a visit to the Jim Thompson House, a collection of Thai and south Asian art and artefacts by a man who loved the country and culture. And Penny is having made a silk blouse (to be fitted tomorrow (photographs to come when I've mastered the 'upload' process!

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Steamy Bankok

Well here we are in Bankok after a very uneventful, if long, journey. We arrived in the Trang Hotel about 7 o'clock after an entertaining drive from the airport, talk about undertaking! And so to sleep for a little while. The afternoon started with the Mother and Father of thunderstorms with torrential rain. Wow was it steamy when we ventured out. So in the usual Breakwell fashion a little route march to get the lie of the land. Past a palace, the parliament building, a zoo, a Sunday market and lots of those funny little taxi's. It's now 18.20 and going dark, this might need some adjustment.
Tomorrow a trip to tourist information, a river boat ride, some temples and maybe a little shopping?

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